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What have you learned so far?

This question is the foundation of SoFar Publishing: The idea that a person’s life experiences can teach and inspire, leaving an impression not only on family and friends, but also potentially on a much larger audience.

Asking “What you have learned so far?” is a meaningful question for anyone, at any stage of life. Yet some of the most remarkable answers to this question come from people who are dealing with terminal illnesses or those who are near the end of their lives. When asked, “What have you learned so far?” their responses are often incredibly introspective, candid and powerful.

For the first in a series of SoFar books, we are connecting people who are at the end of their lives with skilled and compassionate interviewers to record their stories. Each conversation will then be edited into an individual chapter with the intent to include it in the book. The project not only offers participants a chance to reflect on their lives, but also an opportunity to leave a legacy that touches friends, family and perhaps even the entire world. This process often also helps participants, family members and other loved ones better cope with end-of-life issues and death and dying in general.

Participants often feel at peace knowing that the lessons they learned will be shared and their lives will gain additional meaning. Interviewers have the privilege of collecting these insights. And, we hope, eventually the world at large will benefit from this extraordinary collaboration.

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